Fiji Dreams

by marty mezick
(Montgomery Alabama)

I awoke in what looked to be an abandoned house. I walked to a nearby window to ask where I was. I spoke in a language I did not know but I know what I said. I said "where am I?" and the man below the window said,in the same language, "you are in Fiji."

I then looked into the distance to see what I believed was a tornado or water twister. The thing headed right for the house I was in. I told my girlfriend who was also beside me to get down like they taught me in school - hands over your head in a face down fetal position.

I feel a strong force rip the roof off of the house I was in. I look up to the middle of it like the eye of it just spinning around the house. It was not sucking me up like it should have, but that was the last thing I saw and I woke to my girlfriend watching the news and the next thing that came on the news was a cyclone hit Fiji.

Can someone tell me what this dream means?

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