Fire At Work

by Mike
(Milwaukee, WI USA)

I worked at a place that had a fire. It was a scary experience. Mostly everyone was running except for a few who either didn't grasp the potential danger they were in or possibly didn't care. Add in the fact that it was a very hot summer day and that could've spelled a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately, no one was injured. A few nights later, I was sitting in my backyard just thinking about the chaos of the experience, and how unorganized it was. I wasn't looking at anything in particular, and just listening to the summer night sounds in the city. A strange sight glided past my field of vision which seemed roughly 20 feet away and roughly 8 to 10 feet above the sidewalk. It wasn't very big. Maybe 2 feet long and a foot thick. Whatever it was emitted a dim but very deep red glowing center and bottom and what looked like black wings.

I couldn't make anything else out considering it glided by very quickly and was sort of a blur. It was very strange and I had this sudden sense of fear that I somehow was able to sort of control. I had a difficult time sleeping that night. I get the sense that with some transparent organization these frightening experiences could have been avoided.

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