First Witness

by Kendrick kaelin
(Troy New York )

When I was about 5 I loved everything scary and cool looking like most 5 year olds I guess. I just for some odd reason can't recall this moment just remember it very fondly for some reason. Well this is what I "remember" now.

My young mother and I lived in a somewhat "ghetto" area so it was urban and full of life. There was this big walk way and down there led to more apartments. I remember running around. It was kinda dark but I was with a group of friends. While they ran off to go throw bottles behind a building I stayed and looked down the walkway and saw a large dog-like creature standing on two legs. As curious as I was I called more friends over to see what it was, but when I looked back the thing was gone; no trace of it.

I always remember hearing a loud howl outside my window at night and used to call my mother horrified at what I heard. I am now currently 14 and still hold the memory. I know that I'll be called a liar or this is a hoax but those who believe thank you. -Pariah

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