Footsteps and Voices

by Anonymous

After reading some of the stories here I decided to post my story as well. Let me just first put an introduction to it. It happened in December when my older brother lost his rent money at the bus stop, who was living away from home because of University.

Luckily a woman who knew my mother picked the money up and realised it was my brother's because she had seen him at the bus stop moments after she picked up the money (he already left). So because he wasn’t able to come back, because he had to stay and finish his assignments, I had to go and bring his money to him.

Because I always was worthless with trains and buses I asked one of my friends to come along with me. We arrived around noon at my brother’s place a few days after he lost the money. Because it was his birthday as well there was extra cash for him from my parents, so he decided to go out into town and visit a few pubs. Well never say never when somebody offers a free drink! (I was 18 at the time. In Europe that’s a legal drinking age :) )

Long story short. My friend and I had only about 2-3 hours sleep and we needed to rush for our early train (around 6am if I remember correctly) because of the heavy snow fall and being closer to Christmas. The train didn’t go where it suppose to go so my friend and I had to walk to his home through a side road in a forest for about 6-8km.

Now to get to the main part. While walking, tired and cold I heard something that sounded like a woman walking in high heels on stone stairs in an empty house (well the noise sounded that way) so I asked my friend if he heard it and to my surprise he heard exactly the same thing. First thoughts I had was that we were just tired, maybe still a bit drunk but we both heard the same thing and soon after also heard a gentle voice saying something, almost like whispering but neither my friend nor I could make out the words.

After few hours of walking in the snow, we finally arrived at my friends house. From there I called my family to let them know I was close but too tired and cold to walk anymore, so my uncle came with his car to pick me up.

After a few days back in school I started to hear voices, but I couldn't tell if it was the same voice or not. Later on, during lesson or break time, the voices became more and more clear, and I could clearly hear my name being whispered next to my ear.

When I asked people sitting next or behind me nobody heard anything, so I just ignored it thinking I was only tired or something. More days passed and not only did the whispers become more frequent, but I started to see things as well, like shadowy figures in the distance and as well as a feeling of being watched.

Just before Christmas my friends and I went for a drinking session and I have to admit I was quite drunk, that was the first day in a while I did not see or feel anything. Next day the same thing started all over again - seeing things, hearing and so on. After Christmas when the pubs finally opened again my friends and I went for another drinking session and once again nothing happened when I was drunk, so I figured when I was drinking, I feel normal (well except the drunken sensation), but I gave it a few days to see what happened and if it comes back.

It came back right the next day so on new year’s day I just start drinking day after day after day, for about 3 months, I was scared and in desperation and it seemed like that’s the only cure I knew.

After 3 months I stopped to see if it was still there and luckily it was gone and never came back. I asked my brother and my friend if they experienced anything like it. My brother never heard or saw anything and my friend that had heard the walking and voices in the forest hadn’t had anything happen to him afterwards.

That happened over 6 years ago. Anybody have any idea what it was?

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