Footsteps In The Attic

by Britney Smiths
(Quebec ,Canada)

When I was six I moved from England to Spain. This story happened when I was around nine. I didn't believe in the paranormal and thought that all the stories and things on TV were just junk. Now the story.

I was in my room listening to my new MP3 player, suddenly I heard a man's deep voice call my name. It scared me because my Dad and mum were split up and I just lived with my Mom and my brother. Yeah! I shouted. Come up to the attic said the voice. I ignored it scared what would happen. A few minutes later my mum came in. Who were you talking to Britney? she asked. Oh just singing along to...a song. I replied. That's OK I was worried you had lost the plot! She said as she walked out. Fast forward time.

When I was eleven I was lying in my bunk bed playing something on my phone (I don't remember what) when I heard the same voice scream in rage COME TO THE ATTIC BRITNEY! I know I was eleven and I should have been brave, but I got such a fright I dropped my phone. It landed on the carpet (since it was carpet it didn't smash but the cover chipped). Suddenly I burst out crying.

My mum ran upstairs and asked me what was wrong. I told her what had happened. She said Britney I'm going to go up to the attic and prove there's nothing there, so we followed her out to the hall. Suddenly we heard about twelve footsteps stamping round the attic. My mom ignored it and went up the ladder. She went round the place up there.

Suddenly she screamed. She ran down the ladder and said Quickly!!! And we ran out of the house. When we were outside we heard the voice laugh and say Come to the attic Britney! Then about thirty footsteps running round the house.

Quickly we got a taxi to my granny's. We have moved since. Sorry I don't have any pics. I would go back and take some... but I'm still scared of what lives in that house.

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