The Demon Foras

aka Forcas
Rank: President
Legions: 29
Strongest: Late August
Demon Summoning: Daytime, orange candles, dirt, mercury (metal)

President Foras, also known as Forcas (but not to be confused with the demon Furcas), is something of an idealist. His primary role is to teach humans the kinds of knowledge that can help them better themselves and their world. He teaches both art and logic and has an in-depth understanding of how humans can use herbs and precious stones to increase their lifespan and livelihood. He teaches lessons in how to be eloquent, charming, and charismatic, but his primary concern is one of ethics. He knows that humanity has its weaknesses and wants his human students to understand that this knowledge is not just for themselves, but for the greater good. His gifts are conditional in that they are not used unethically.

Those who prove themselves worthy students (and ethical people) may be given some of Foras's more advanced (and morally tempting) gifts, including the power to become invisible. Foras can also discover hidden treasures and lost artifacts, as long as they are not the property of any other living person.

Foras himself appears in the form of a large, strong man. If he was a human he would most certainly be a body builder and/or some kind of athletic or success coach.

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