Forever Changed...

by Dulce

Hello just call me Forsaken. I have seen paranormal creatures/entities since I was a child of 6 yrs old. I remember seeing faeries that would take my skeleton keys from my collection, witches, and ghosts. Never as a child nor ever did I think vampires and lycanthropes existed. I always felt like someone was watching me... not like God but another entity.

In school I was one to attract people with special gifts in the paranormal without knowing it. Not the point in this story.... I'm giving you a bit of background with what I believed exist. I knew demons and angels existed because I had felt them and seen them but only 2 times. I was done with my second year of college when I met him. I met this guy who was everything I looked for in a guy; not too thin or thick, ear gauges, snakebite piercings, tattoos, and loved the same kind of music I did. We met a concert where we first became friends then dated. Later we started living together and that's when I started noticing things misplaced when I was alone, cabinet doors opening and closing at will, and hearing footsteps.

Then I saw Slenderman.... which I have put that story up on this site of that experience. That did it so we moved to another apartment. We had a big fight and always felt like he was hiding something from me. One night I woke up because he got out of bed to get a glass of water so he closed the door to the room which I saw. In a blink of an eyes he was in bed asleep again. I kept telling him he's hiding something because he lost his anger one day and wasn't himself after that. He finally confessed that he was a vampire that had been following me all my life to protect me and hadn't wanted to fall for me. I laughed and told him that he was so funny but I made him so mad he grabbed my wrist and started to bite and feed off me. It didn't feel like any bite I had ever felt and it felt numb for a day, took months for the scar to leave. I was scared but I couldn't leave because I lived 3 hrs from any family of mine.

So I put up with him and he told me everything I wanted to know. He showed me his terrifying true form (long claws, bright red eyes that burned into your soul, big black wings is all I remember) which I wanted to die of fright but just passed out. He showed me these creatures that are called Guardians which keep the balance between lycanthropes and vampires from showing themselves to humans (like me) they are shapeshifers.

I've seen them as a wolf with golden fur and as this t-rex creature with red skin covered with tar and big yellow eyes and as tall as 20 ft which I believe is their true form. I have seen lycans and they look like nothing I have ever seen before. Some take the wolf form and the strongest kind look like these creepy creatures that look like a human/wolf/demon thing. He says a war between the lycanthropes and vampires is going to happen soon and that I need to be careful who I talk to.

To sum it up I can't get rid of him to leave me alone. He says my life is his and he always knows where I go or who I'm with without being in the same town at the exact moment. I broke up with him but he says you can't break up with a vampire and that he's going to end up killing me or changing me. He wants to change me even though I don't want to and he is old but not sure how old. He told me how you really kill lycanhthropes and vampires. I know that both lycanthropes and vampires know that I want to reveal them to the world because I've shown 2 of my friends the feeding scars I have that are from October that are still on me.

I just want people to know this information and things that happened to me and to be careful. I know there's more to my story but I rather not post anything other than this because they monitor me and won't be happy with this information getting out to humans that already know that they exist other than in fiction. Plus my life is in danger but I rather that humanity have the proper information than lies. Thanks and email if you have questions or concerns. Keep your eyes open because anyone can be one..... they like to hide in plain sight.

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