Friend Possessed by a Spirit

by Bella Jones
( south Africa, carletonville)

I was in a boarding school Year 2010 age 13. I had a friend, a pretty coloured girl we were very close. It was a all girl school actually a Muslim school. Our school was once a resort it had a hall actually a disco it was abandoned.

One day my teacher said we could go and check it out so we did my friend danced on the stage having fun. Shortly after we left she went to the prayer room she started getting the fits and when she woke up came running after us she spoke like a man. Our teachers held her and sent everyone out besides me and my other friends. As I called out to her the man spirit said "don't cry". He wasn't talking to me but to my friend who was possessed. Tears came out of her eyes yet her face had no emotion.

He told me his name and before I could ask anymore questions my teacher threw holy water on it and it shouted "it burns!"

After the spirit came out of her she didn't remember what had happened to her. My teacher told me the spirit came from the abandoned hall. I thought it had left her for good but days after it returned we did what we could we prayed and it went but always will come back. Yes its a true story and I witnessed it. For more information my email address is

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