From a Dream into REALITY

by Anonymous

I don't know what happened and I'm still not sure if it really happened. But here it goes..

I went out to visit my college friend. She stays in an apartment. Actually three of my college friends stay there. Two of them share a room and the other one stays in her own big room.

We were having fun and stuff so they told me to just stay there for the night. I found the living room so cool so I decided to stay there together with another friend who just visited the apartment. My other friend was sleeping on a couch and I was sleeping in a bed that they placed there. We all went to sleep...

I dreamt that my friend woke me up and asked me if I felt what she felt... I looked at the window in my dream because I was confused with what she meant by that. When I looked back to her to answer instead of seeing her, I saw a girl in a wedding gown - very PALE and her face was already three inches away from mine. I got so scared I woke up.

Then I realized that the neighbors' dogs were barking out very loudly. I shook my friend to wake her up and told her to sleep beside me, and so she did. The thing is the television was just above us and when I looked up I saw the reflection of that girl that I dreamt about wearing a wedding gown. I bowed my head to shake her off, but when I looked again she was still there standing in the foot of my bed. So I told my friend that we should go upstairs, but she wouldn't listen so I left her there and went up the stairs to wake my other friend and we talked till morning.

Now, I'm not so sure about what happened. But I did really wake my friends up because I was so scared. I don't know if I was seeing stuff or maybe that was just nothing. I just couldn't believe what I saw. And I still don't know.

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