The Demon Furfur

Rank: Countess
Legions: 26
Strongest: Early/mid September
Demon Summoning: Daytime, red candles, cypress, earth, lead

Though her representative element is Earth, Countess Furfur is a sky demon who can bring forth great and powerful winds and storms. She commands thunder and lightning with ease and can quickly turn a clear sky black with storm clouds.

In human form she appears as a beautiful woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and white wings. In demon form she appears as a flying deer with a fiery tail. Furfur is outgoing and speaks in a somewhat raspy voice.

This demon Countess concerns herself almost exclusively with love and war (and the love of war). She makes no secret of her great passion for battle and can inspire that feeling in even the most passive of her followers. On the flip side, Fufur often creates love between a man and a woman and will reveal the secret thoughts of others to the summoner.

Unless you have shown loyalty to Furfur or the other demons, she will most likely lie to the conjurer unless compelled into a magic triangle where she can only speak the truth. However, using force, tricks, or giving commands to gain access to any demon's power is not advised.

Should one seek the services or guidance of Furfur, they should do so respectfully. One should find a quiet place, preferably outside during the day and, if possible, surrounded by cypress trees.

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