Future Sight

by why should i say you

I knew from the beginning of my life as a student that I was different, special, maybe better. I always knew that I saw the world in a different way than others do. This is my story:

It all happened when in a game of "hide and seek" my friend asked me if I had sen another kid (for him to "catch"). I told him exactly where the kid was almost automatically, with a second voice speaking through me. I felt very strange and I was truly afraid of what I had just done.

From that day and for the most of the years until today I had many times (without wanting it) a strange power of "knowledge". The power grew and when I saw an incident I "remembered it". A dark shadow from my mind was set free and I knew things before they happened!

My friends believed I knew the future! They called me a fortune teller in the start! But I was afraid of it. When I went to high school I felt again strange: I knew the classrooms and I knew the name of one of my classmates before telling it to me! I tried to meditate and just relax and a few weeks later the mysterious charisma stopped appearing so much (but sometimes it come again).

If anyone knows what is happening to me please comment.

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