Gargoyle-like Demon

by Sara S
(Peru, IN )

Ok, I've always been kinda sensitive to things. I hear and see things that were unexplained.

This was about 3 years ago. I had just had my son. We live with my parents and my son had his own room. I would try all the time to get him to sleep in his crib but he wouldn't. He would cry out of fear and when I would walk into the room I would feel this terrifying feeling.

Well, one night I went to bed late at 2 am. The way my room was set up was my bed was in the far back left corner of the room, but it was at an angle so there was a little space on the one side of my bed. My son felt most safe in his car-seat so I would let him sleep in it at night. So, I went to bed and had him on the other side of the bed.

Now, I grew up in a Christian home - my family and I are Mennonites (if you don't know what it is google it). For some reason I felt the need to test Satan. I said something like "You ain't shit you don't scare me. You're just a pussy." and after I stopped I turned towards my son and my back was to the door. Approximately 2:45 AM I was in between awake and asleep. I felt a chill of utter terror go from my head to my toes and I was frozen in fear. I heard a deep heavy breathing behind me. I felt something breathing on me. When I finally worked up the courage to look behind me after about 30 seconds I saw a greyish greenish gargoyle like creature with wings, but the wings weren't spread out they were down and it was crouched down.

I pulled my legs up to my chest and kicked it in the shin as hard as I could and it flew back. I screamed like someone was killing me and my parents ran in (my dad toting a bat) and I looked and it was gone. So my mom prayed over me. Mind you I scared the shit out of my poor baby. So my mom took my son to her room and I went downstairs and watched TV for a little bit.

I don't know how but I fell asleep on the couch. I dreamed that I was in my sister's room and I was standing in front of a dresser and on the wall was a huge mirror. I looked in the mirror and the gargoyle-like demon was standing behind me. It was so tall. I said "what do you want?" It said "you." I said "why?" It said in the scariest voice "your mother's going to kill you."

I woke up and sat up. Right away I was sweating. It was daylight out. I quickly picked up the phone and called a friend I grew up in church with. I told her what happened and when I was done I said "what do you think?" The scary voice was on the other end and it said "your mother's going to kill you." Then I really woke up and I had only been sleeping 30 minutes. So I immediately started praying. I asked God that when I flipped through the bible to have me stop on the perfect scripture for me I said amen and stopped on Psalm 54. Read it. Its a great passage.

Funny thing is, my great grandma had just died the month before and come to find out that was her favorite scripture. Eerie huh? I've researched everywhere on the internet and I cant find a description of any demon that has the features of the one I saw. I've only met one person who has seen it that's my bunkie from when I was in jail. Anyone ever seen it? Or knows what its name is?

Also the day after all this happened my pastor came over with a few people from the church and prayed over me and my son and my family and prayed in and blessed every room and my son slept in his bed that night with no problem.

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