Gargoyles and Grim Reaper

by Paige
(Orange County, CA)

It was March 2006 and I had barely found out I was pregnant, maybe about 2 weeks. I stayed the night at my boyfriend's house. The community he lived in, I was told used to be a Burial site but I don't have confirmation of it or know if it has relevance to my night.

It was around 3am, I woke and as I layed in bed I saw 3 Gargoyle-like figures crawling, one to the left of the bed coming out and on top the open bathroom door frame, another on the ceiling slightly to the right of my feet another farther to the right corner.

I got so scared I closed my eyes as tight as I could crying and begging my boyfriend to wake up. He was confused, I told him I was seeing things and to turn on the bathroom light. He told me there was nothing there. I slowly opened my eyes only to continue seeing them in addition to the grim reaper in the corner between the closet and the closed door leading to the living room.
I closed them again tightly asking what time it was, my boyfriend told me it was 2am. I screamed "no its not, no its not its 3 o clock, check the cable box". In my head I knew it was the only clock that adjusts to day light saving automatically and heard about 3am not being a very holy hour.

To his surprise I was right. It lasted a whole hour and didn't stop til 4am on the dot, even his rosary he gave me within the hour didn't change anything. This was my first and last supernatural encounter and have never been able to find an answer as to why it happened.

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