Ghost Around The Bend

by Jenna

I was in the car with my mother, it was dark and we had just come back from Dothen, Alabama where we were getting a canoe. We crossed a bridge, and as we were coming around the curve we saw a young woman (late teens, early twenties) - we couldn't stop (and I didn't want to, she looked healthy, uninjured, and was dressed in clothes that looked both clean and seemed to be a brand name from a distance). It felt dangerous -(but of course no one listens to the child).

As there was not a place to do it at so we continued on before turning around at the first place we came to. When we got there the woman wasn't there. The cars behind us hadn't even slowed upon seeing her, and we were shortly behind the only cars going in that direction.

My mom knew a woman that age had died there, so we stopped and told my aunt about it (two more people had wandered over by the time I had forced my mom to mention it) and they thought it was her too. One of them said it matched the description of the woman before she died - down to the outfit. It was around the weeks or so (the month and season) of the woman's death.

So...yeah, I refuse to drive the short way home from the next town over near dark.

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