Ghost Cat Before He Died

by Betty

Well this happened last year - 2013. I was having a lot paranormal activities in my home. I kept having dreams about cats dying that made me scared cause I thought my cat was going to die.

Well I was straightening my hair in the bathroom one day when I happened to turn around and I saw a black cat peering around the corner of my nightstand in my bedroom. So I go to see if it was my cat because he usually sleeps on the couch in the living room. I get in the bedroom; the cat is gone and my cat is asleep on his favorite couch in the living room. So I go back on doing my hair.

Now it's a few weeks later I see the same cat. This time he comes out of nowhere and he stands at the living room table. He looks around then he just sits there looking around for a few seconds then walks away and just disappears.

So now it's a couple months later in January and I'm walking home from the store. Something was telling me to take a different route home so I did. I'm walking down the street and I see something in the street. All of a sudden I just start feeling sick and nervous so I walk faster. When I got closer it was a black cat; it had just gotten hit by a car. I thought it was this stray cat I was taking care of so I didn't think, I just picked the cat up and hurried up home which was a couple blocks away.

I get to my apartment. I get a towel to wrap him in and a box. So I go back outside and put him in the towel and box. I bring him in the house to properly wrap him up to bury him. I had to find a place to bury him so I found a place to bury him which was five minutes away from my place. I couldn't bury him where I live cause I don't have a yard and it was freezing out that night.

So now it's three months later. I'm brushing my teeth and I hear my cat in the litter box. So I turned around, but it wasn't him. So I go in the kitchen and a minute later I go back in the bathroom to wash my hands and I start hearing the same thing - like a cat using the litter box (the sound it makes when they're covering their mess.) So again I turn around and this time it didn't stop. It was even louder and there were no paw prints. So all I did was say good boy.

Oh, and it wasn't the cat I was feeding. He showed up a few weeks later.

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