Ghost Cat On The Loose

by Ostara B.
(Montrrey County)

October 7,2014

My dad places my cat Cady, on her blanket and fills in her grave. I place a pink rose on her grave, and step back from her grave, as my dad sticks a wooden sign in the dirt with the words " R.I.P Cady. The best cat ever " in the ground.

December 12 ,2014

As I lie in my bed reading , I feel pressure at the foot of my bed. I turn and look but nothing is there.

Christmas day

When I am sitting on the couch opening gifts, an ornament falls off the tree. The ornaments are tied firmly on the tree.

January 4

I am helping to clear the breakfast table. I turn to get Dad's cereal bowl, and I see milky cat prints on the table. We have no other cats.

February 1

I am lying in my bed. Suddenly, I feel a pressure. I turn and see the faint outline of a cat. I hear purring. I smile "C..Cady??!!" I reach out to pet her and my hand goes right through her. She purrs and I smile. The next day my dad says as Cady jumped on the table, "I can almost feel Cady here with us." I smile. If only he knew!


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