Ghost Girl in my Bedroom

by Beth

So.. this happened around 1 month ago. I totally don't believe in ghosts or anything, or at least I didn't before this happened.

I don't sleep with the light on so it's pitch black in my room at night. I had gone to bed late, around one AM and literally fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I had a terrible nights sleep, tossing and turning, sweating, so the fifth time I woke up I just decided to sit up, as I could not succumb to sleep whatsoever.

Around twenty minutes later I decided to try to get to sleep, it was only four AM. I turned to face my window, and saw this immense, white light coming from that direction, my blinds were fully shut, and there is no other light source. This young girl appeared, she looked around eight or nine years old. She had a purple, velvety cardigan on with a yellow top underneath. She was wearing a grey skirt and black ballet flats. She held her hands behind her back, making her look so innocent.

The girl removed her hands from behind her and pointed one arm around the room while the other was just held by her side. She looked at me for a brief moment and pointed towards me. I was lost for words, then my heart started beating rapidly. My only reaction was to hide under my blanket.

I began to breathe heavy as I tried to let sleep overcome me, there was no such luck. I heard her walk around my bedroom, her light footsteps were somewhat echoing around the room. I had a quick peek over my blanket and she was gone.

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