Ghost Harassment

by Brian Morris
(waco Tx)

True story, I am haunted. This started a little bit before 2009, before I went back to school to get my GED. I sometimes sense a thing that is with me. It gets madder than hell when I have peace, I can feel its attitude. It tries to control everything when I feel good, I found out, all kinds of things people would not believe living with this thing four years. They control people, when its frustrated and losing control it does things like cause hunger pangs, make me very angry and bitter, or sick. It runs me out of the house, or makes me talk & chatter. It shows off its powers to me, it gets very mad, it has emotions, it harasses me, and provokes me. It gets sexual with me. It is like something touching my penis and I feel the same thing on my tongue.

I feel helpless sometimes, I looked down my pants one time when this was happening and I saw blue transparent lights surrounding my penis. I have seen the same thing when I have opened my mouth in the mirror. When I opened my mouth I saw black shadows in my tongue. And at the same time a lot of times when this thing is in my mouth it flashes disturbing visions of naked men, children, my dead grandmother & black guys, in my head. Its very disturbing. I feel violated, and molested, it stresses me out and takes the peace.

I think its trying to kill me with this molestation. I feel it gripping my arms above the wrist, and my legs right above my ankles. It fights to disturb my peace, even if it's a petty thing like a good sensation my leg, I feel it like a bubble floating to the sensation sitting on it and overcoming it, at the same time I can feel its attitude about me, an attitude like the feeling you get when a person is trying to piss you off very bad, and they are provoking to the point that you hate them.

I can't even sit down and eat sometimes, I get very mad and frustrated. Sometimes, it makes me madder than hell. Recently this thing where I feel it touching me sexually has gone on for over 48 hours non stop, in my sleep too. It is so screwed up my eyes glaze over and I see awful things in my head, at the same time I feel it touching me.

I could go for hours telling about this, but I don't want to make it to long.

The crazy thing people would not believe is this is only exposed with me. They have these things over them that are controlling there every move, and don't know...

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