Ghost In A Wall

by Shelby

Well it started right after my uncle's funeral.

I went to bed just like I normally did, got in my PJ's, brushed my teeth etc, and hopped into bed. My bed was pressed against the wall so if I turned to my left, I would face the wall directly. I fell asleep pretty easily. But for some reason I didn't feel well. It was like someone was stabbing my stomach repetitively. Not long after that I heard a small laugh like a little girl or something, and I felt like I was being pulled through the wall.

I opened my eyes and I saw a bunch of memories from my childhood like from when I was 2-5 and stuff. Then I saw things that had not happened yet. There was a school, and a really cute boy, a red car, and a bunch of other stuff. But it was all wizzing past me like I was on a bike or something. I woke up in the middle of the night and looked up at the ceiling. And I saw my uncle. He was stabbed to the roof and blood stained. His shirt was torn and red. I closed my eyes and started to cry. Next thing I new my mom was in front of me frowning and rubbing my head. She said I had a fever or something.

Well since then, I pulled my bed away from the wall and never slept on my back. Because seriously, I don't want to be staring at my dead uncle!

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