Ghost In My Basement

by jerry leon
(Right now I live in cleve land Ohio)

When I used to live in Memphis I now live in Cleveland I always heard weird stuff in my basement. I lived in Memphis from age 0 to age 16. I had a lot of friends in that neighbor hood but my house sucked. I do believe someone died in that basement and later turned into a ghost. Here are a list of reasons why.

1. One day when I was down there the calender we had on the wall fell to the floor.

2. Another time I was down there the radio we had down there came on by itself.

3. Another time I was down there a piece of paper laying on the floor moved by its self.

4. When my dad was down there looking for his tool box he said he saw a face in the mirror that was down there.

5. My mom said that she saw a face on the wall while she was down there cleaning also she said a box fell off of the shelf that same day.

6. And plus it some times sounded like someone was screaming when you had the furnace running.

Hope this was scary enough to make it as a story to be viewed.

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