Ghost of a Red Lady

by kristel
(Cebu City,Philippines)

It happened to me when I was still in the 3rd year of my high school in Santa Teresita Academy, Philippines. I was an apprentice to be an Intelligence in our school. One night our director and superintendent decided to have a sleep over in the school because by tomorrow it will be our acceptance day.

Our school was known to be haunted but I didn't believe it. Each room was named after Saints. The 2nd year's classroom (St.Paul) is located two rooms before the comfort room. I decided to go to the comfort room alone since I'm familiar with the place already. The surrounding was dark and the only light that I can see was the one located in the comfort room.

When I was already going back to our quarter, I passed by the St. Paul's room. It was open and dim, the window was open too. At the front of the window there was a small cabinet and a figurine of St. Paul and a small flower vase above it. I stopped by to close the room since no one was going to use it, but what I didn't notice at first was the lady standing beside the cabinet.

She was just a silhouette at first glance, so I paused for a while staring at the lady who's standing there facing the window. After a few minutes she started turning back to me. When I finally saw her face it was red, covered with blood and her gown and veil were also covered with blood.

Upon seeing her from the door I felt a chill down to my spine. I ran as fast as I could just to get away from the room. When I finally reached the quarter, one of my friends asked me what happened. I told them what I saw but they wouldn't believe me so I went back to the St. Paul room with my friends and saw no one. Until now I can still see her bloody face inside my head but I'm trying to ignore it.

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