Ghost Protocol

by ankit
(india )

Hi friends, I am ankit from india, I am pharmacy graduate,I do not have a good English as it is not my mother tongue so please understand the message I want to convey.

This is a true story that I faced it 3 yrs back when I was doing by graduation, it occurred with my room mate, we used to enjoy life freely,
I want to tell about my hostel which was built on a cremation ground that we could know after we we started to live in the hostel, my 1st year went completely awesome but when 2nd year started me and my two room mates were allotted room no. 22

In that hostel, the myth prevailed that the room was haunted but we never cared about it, we believe god and in hindu religion lord HANUMAN is said to rescue from any problems related to ghosts, so we kept his statue in our room and nothing happened, but one night at around 1am we listened a sound coming from the back of the hostel, as all were asleep so I and and my friend ASHOK went to the terrace to look behind the hostel, we saw a man totally nude digging the ground outside the boundary walls of the hostel.

Before we could understand anything he took out the skull of human buried there in and started to spell some mantras as used by a TANTRIC (man that do black magic), we thought that he was a mad man, so we shouted at him angrily and he went away saying nothing. Next day we shared this story with others and we laughed a lot, but security guard told us not to mess up with that guy as he knows black magic.

Days passed and we forgot the incident but after our exams we saw that person eating raw meat, me and ashok just asked him about that night and he started to tell about rubbish things like ghost, bad souls and we said that you are mad. I started to go away but ashok started to argue with him and until I could understand anything ashok started to beat that guy. I went there and stopped ashok, then we moved to the hostel and I shouted at ashok for his act, but he told me that after I went away their argument went to abusing and that guy in anger threw some kind of ash on him after spelling mantra, and that's why he had beaten him.

That night nothing happened but ashok complained me that he saw a image of a women peeping through our window, next night ashok didn't sleep in our room and he went to sleep in next room of his friend. That night he disappear from the room , his friend come to my room around 2am and told me that he could not find ashok, we started to search him but couldn't find him.

Lastly we got to the terrace and saw ashok sleeping on the same grave where I saw that guy. Fear went off in my blood and we took the security guard with us and 3-4 boys and jumped the boundary to get near ashok. ashok was acting like he was in a state of unconsciousness and he was digging the grave with his nails. We immediately shouted at him but he seemed to have not noticed us, so we tried to forcefully stop him but could not control him from digging. He was whispering that he is suffocating in the earth and he want to come out. We 5 persons were unable to control him but we tried hard and we succeeded, as we controlled him he fainted, it was now 4am now and we could not sleep the whole night.

This process started to repeat daily, ashok did not enter our room as lord HANUMAN statue was there, he shifted to new room alone in the hostel and started to live separate. He never talked with us, we wanted to help him but he always refused by saying that he is all right and wanted to leave him alone.

One night when we were sitting in a group and talking about ashok then suddenly I remembered the fight of ashok and that guy, next day we searched a lot but could not find that guy. We were losing hope but my security guard told us to take ashok to lord hanuman temple which is in RAJASTHAN, a dessert place about 700kms from my hostel. He told us about the power of that place to remove any sort of that ghost thing in this world, we agreed but it was very difficult to agree ashok for that place as he started to hate gods after he was subjected to an evil spirit, so we lied to him that we are going to rajasthan as our picnic trip, to feel the desert environment and he agreed.

We all feared about what would happen as the journey was long as how could we control him in night, so thought of a plan that we will give him alprazolam (a drug that induces sleep), plan worked and we reached safely but as the effect of drug reduced ashok became aware of our plan and started to run away from that place so that we could not force him in that temple, but we were 6 and he was alone.

He tried but could not escape. We forcefully took him to the temple and told the priest about the problem, at that time ashok was shivering and speaking in very hoarse tone, the priest tied him with a rope from a pillar of the temple and asked us to wait there until next day. Ashok again and again fainting and then again started to act like another person. At night ashok started to act like ghost and started to shout at us and the priest to leave him or he finish us all, but we never released him.

Next morning about 5am, as the first ray of the sun fall on ashok body he started to act like he had an epileptic attack, started to see hallucinations like he could see the god, and within 3min he fainted, this act I could see in a huge no. As at each pillar some body was tied with the same problem, that day I realised that it was not only with ashok a huge no. Suffers from the evil spirits, I could see at least 30 persons tried to different pillars and the priest told us that this count remains same every day the whole year.

The priest told us that he is out of danger now and the evil spirit had been destroyed. He also gave ashok a locket containing LORD HANUMAN metal piece and asked him to wear it all the time. After that day ashok was back as he was 3months ago, and we got our friend.

Still when we tell someone about the act they say that they do not like our story or we are telling the story of a movie but all in my country INDIA know about the power of that temple, no one could argue on the fact of that temple, but now I know that how true it is...

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