Ghost Visit

by Daughter94

One time I heard my mom talking to her husband (my stepfather). She told him once she and I had lived in our previous house and one night something strange had happened.

She told him that she had woken up late at night, because her dog had started to bark and growled. Then she had seen a person standing in the edge besides her bed. Then she had said "What the hell are you doing here?" and the ghost had disappeared.

She told my stepfather that she knew who it was, but that she doesn't remember. When my mom was younger her father died. I am wondering if he came to look that everything was alright. What makes all this seem true is the dog. The dog sensed that there were someone there.

I live in Norway. Me and my family are Atheists and I've never seen anything like this by myself. And I choose to believe what my mom told him. I don't believe in God, black eyed people, demons, vampyres and stuff like that. However I believe there are things we can`t understand. My mom experienced one of them.

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