Ghost Woman In My Bed

by Gara. (a.h)

Ever since middle school I've been hearing a "clicking" or "tapping" noise before I fall asleep. It sounds as if someone or something is tapping their nail quickly and repeatedly against a mirror or glass; as if it wanted to get my attention.

I thought "no big deal", but as this occurred every night I noticed patterns. First it was the tapping at 1 am then next it was either one of two things. If I "woke up" ... I'd be able to see my room, but I had no control of my body. My arms, legs, body, head were STUCK to my bed as if 3,000 tons were on top of me. No matter how hard I tried it was impossible to move.

I couldn't speak either, I KNEW what I wanted to say to scream for help but I had no control of my mouth. In my head I was panicking, screaming but anyone who walked in just walked out because they thought I was asleep when I'm looking right at them!

Occasionally every several nights after the tapping I'd freeze up on the sound of dragging feet sliding inch by inch toward my bed... every inch it gets louder and colder. Only once was I brave enough to look...and in that second I saw it. I turned down into my pillow right away.

By my door was a woman with PALE PALE skin, LONG BLACK hair, BLACK EYES like black marbles, and a white plain gown hanging on her body. She saw me see her... but the noise was getting closer. I dared to look and there she was on her knees leaning on the corner of my bed closest to the door, head resting on my bed arms stretched toward me. Thank god I had a king bed... I was so terrified I started praying an Islamic prayer. The only one I knew, "bismillah irahman irahim...." Then I asked to get rid of what was there and to help me fall asleep.

It worked that night... other nights I just leave the lights on or I don't sleep at all. Somebody help me? Who knows what's going on!?

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