Ghostly Happenings

by Meredith Turner
(Dallas Tx)

A little background:

Well, I have been witness to many odd happenings dealing with the paranormal. My mother, back when she was younger before she had me, attended Alpha dynamics classes to strengthen her psychic ability. I only tell you this to help you understand why I might be a little sensitive to paranormal stuff because I was raised with a mother who was very open to this these types of things.

As a child, I always felt different; More open so to speak. So much so, that as a child I felt it necessary to tell my mother that if I ever tell her I've seen a ghost to not just dismiss it but to please believe me and support me. Of course she agreed. This brings me to my first story...

I was driving down a quiet residential street back in 2003 around 3am. I was sober and was ready to get to my destination so I could retire for the night. As I'm driving, I come to a 4 way stop next to a creek that ran through the neighborhood. Normally, I would have buzzed right through it, being that it was late and no one was around, but something caught my eye. I came to a complete stop and in the corner of my eye I saw a dark, shadowy figure cross the street coming from the creek and then disappearing behind two cars parked on the street.

I remember it clearly as it was a very intense feeling I had. The figure was running and I could make out the head the torso and the arms in motion running across the street but the legs weren't touching the ground. I immediately felt as if it was a child's spirit. I wasn't afraid but was intrigued more than anything. Of course I told my mother...

Now, since then I have had many many other experiences, but there is another story I'd like to share. One that is still going on today. Last year I was living in the same apartments I live in now but in a different unit. You see, the apartment I lived in last year was inhabited by a ghost. I know this because the apartment manager told me that the person who lived there before me died in a motorcycle accident...

One day during the weekend I was at home with my boyfriend at the time and I was sitting in a chair by the sliding glass door with my boyfriend sitting on the couch adjacent from me. We were just talking and all of a sudden I felt someone lightly slap the side of my head. It was hard enough for me to feel my hair move. We were in the middle of a conversation and it startled me enough to lose track of what we were talking about. I didn't bring it up to my company as I thought I might come off as crazy but it impacted me enough to think about what had just happened for a few minutes afterwards.

A couple of days later, in the middle of the night I was home alone and needed to use the restroom. So, I got up went to the bathroom and saw that there was a flashing light going off in my jewelery box. This light happened to be a rubber ring you might get at a rave or party store that you can only turn on my pressing a button on the back of the ring and it flashed different colors. I found it odd to say the least but went ahead and just turned it off and headed back to bed.

A week later the same thing happened. Except this time both of my rubber rings had been turned on in the middle of the night. Other strange things kept happening. I ended up moving a year later into the same apartments but a different unit which I am still in. I'm not sure if the spirit followed me here of if this apartment has a spirit connected it to too but I know there is something going on. Personally, I think I have a spirit that is connected to me some how. You see, I had this experience where I meditated for a week straight and opened myself up to many things I knew were possible but never thought I'd ever be able to experience in this life. I became extremely psychic, reading peoples feelings, and having dreams of my mother's angels and of course other emotionally extravagant experiences.

But, in this new apartment it feels a little dark. My cat will howl in the middle of the night. Never during the day. In fact, just 2 nights ago I was in the middle of a meditation and right when I was in a completely open consciousness I heard a loud bang behind the couch where I was laying and all of a sudden my cat started crying a very scared cry. Like a howl. The sound you hear from a cat when it is threatened or scared. It freaked me out to say the least.

It may not sound like much to you but if you are on this website reading these stories then you are already open to knowing the feeling I am talking about. The feeling that you know something is amiss and you know deep down in your soul that you aren't alone. I've also seen spirits of energy flying through my apartment, twice. Like a little white orb...

My mom was over at my house with me a couple of weeks ago and we were discussing the topic of ghosts so I decided to grab my digital camera and shoot some photos of my apartment. Immediately I found traces of activity. The first 5 or 6 pictures showed orbs floating around everywhere. I stopped taking pictures so my mother and I could acknowledge them and then I resumed taking more pictures. There were no more orbs.. Why? The first 6 pictures show floating energy and the last few have nothing. Again, this may seem like nothing to you but when you know, you just know.

I was at a friend's house spending the night. Everyone else had gone to bed except me. I had a mild head ache and decided to head to the kitchen to look for some Aspirin. As I'm standing in the kitchen looking up in the cupboards I hear something to my left. I look down and the silverware drawer is slowly opening. I watch it open ALL THE WAY. Weird.

Also, I have the weirdest dreams ever and have literally been scared to fall asleep at night and I'm 28 years old! Back before 9/11 I had a dream of a dead soldier being held captive in a prison. It's all very bizarre. I have many more stories to tell but I think I'm done sharing for today.

Thanks for reading and I love all of you!
Meredith :)

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