Ghosts Dogs of Maine

by Isabella
(Roseville, CA, USA)

My family and I used to live in Maine, and we had a bunch of forest property, and one day me and my brother went out to explore. I was 10 and he was 13, neither of us believed in ghosts or anything like that.

Any way we meet a pack of black labs, five in all, three males, two females, and they started growling and snarling at us. We backed up and turned to run, when they suddenly ran in front of us, one jumped on me, I tried to push it away, but to my horror my hand went straight though it! These were ghost dogs, then they disappeared.

I asked our neighbors about it and they said I saw, Miki, Maya, Jake, Emmett and Buddy, five dogs that were killed by there abusive owners, the attacked everyone, and everything the could. Emmett was the pack leader and the most viscous.

My brother and I never explored that far away again.

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