Giant Apparition

by viktor
(lansing mi usa)

The following account is a true encounter. My name is Viktor. I have had many encounters with the supernatural throughout my life. From childhood sighting to ghosts in London hotel rooms. I would share them all if I had the time. Yet for the sake of this post I shall share one that stands out to me as perhaps the most bizarre in terms of what I actually saw with my eyes.

It was the fall of 2007. I was in a small town in mid-Michigan, a town called Charlotte about 20 minutes from the state capitol of Lansing. About 2 hours drive from Detroit and 3 and a half hours from Chicago.

It was a dark night, a beautifully dark October night. The wind had been at it all night and I being the nocturnal creature that I am was laying in the spare bedroom in the house I shared with my grandma.

I was laying in bed enjoying the ambiance of the evening while texting my then girlfriend who lived in Chicago at the time. It was late. How late I cannot quite recall. Somewhere between 11 p.m and 3 a.m. The room in which I was laying and texting I had for sometime suffered very bad dreams in.

After sending a text I set my phone down on my chest and closed my eyes for probably about a minute as I waited for the reply. It was as I was laying there with my eyes closed that the hair on my body stood on end. I suddenly had the feeling that something had entered the room.

I opened my eyes and looked toward the bedroom door. I was shocked to see that it had been opened. About six inches. Whereas it had been closed moments before. I immediately ignored my sense that something unnatural had entered the room and just brushed it off as perhaps one of our cats had pushed its way in. This idea lasted until my gaze scanned from the doorway to the other side of the room at the foot of my bed. What I saw I have no explanation for and have never seen since.

Standing there at the foot of my bed was a giant apparition. Mind you the room was dark yet I could still make it out clearly enough. Its head was as tall as the ceiling, which was 8 ft. Its body was as wide as a refrigerator. It appeared to be wearing some kind of nightgown which may have been common for men to wear in bygone days. Its head was bald and whitish grey. Its ears were pointed the closest comparison I can make is that it looked like Nosferatu.

I almost got the impression that it didn't realize that I could see it. Until I screamed. Which I did do at the shock of seeing this thing. I screamed for my grandma. Whereupon it gradually whispered and faded away like predator into the jungle. Very creepy. I've never seen anything like this.

Anyway that's my ghost story. I have many more experiences if anyone would care to hear them.

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