Girl In The Kitchen

by kate

I don't remember, my mom told me this. She said when I was 3 my dad's friend was looking at a house he wanted to buy. My mom, aunt, uncle, dad, and I all went to look at the house. It was a two story house in the country. My dad, his friend, and my uncle went in the back of the house looking around. My mom, aunt and I were in the front.

My aunt went to take a picture, but she couldn't get the camera to work. Then I tugged on my mom's shirt and pointed at the house and said "I want to go see Lydia. I want to go see Lydia."

When we went inside the house I stopped at the kitchen and said "there she is" my mom said she didn't see Lydia. Then we walked to the living room and I was about to go up the stairs.

My mom told me I was screaming and crying "I don't want to see Lydia anymore!!!" We all went out of the house and my aunt tried to take another picture and her camera worked this time. My mom said when my aunt tried to take a picture the first time it actually did take a picture.

Recently my mom and I were looking through old photos and found the ones from that house. I looked at one taken from the front of the house where we were standing and you can clearly see a little girl in the window on the front door.

Til' this day every time I go by that house I get a horrible feeling.

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