Girl In The Trees

by Skylar

One time, many years ago, my four older cousins and older brother and I took a trip to a huge cabin in Montana. One day my cousins started playing with walkie-talkies. Since I'm the youngest and the only girl I didn't get to play with them, so I sat in a corner and pouted.

A few minutes later, all 5 boys burst into the room and asked me why I was messing with them. Now these guys were already hardcore boyscouts that don't get scared at anything, but they were really freaked out then. I asked them what they were talking about, how was I messing with them? They began to explain that a girl child's voice had been talking to them right after my cousin had lost his talkie. Just as they were saying this, a horribly chilling voice said through all their walkie-talkies, "Its not her. I told you it wasn't" They all started to freak. Then one of my cousins, Scotty, said to the talkie "Where are you?" The voice replied "I'm hiding in the bathroom."

They ran to the nearest bathroom and just as they twisted the knob, the voice said "No! Not that one! The other one." We ran to a different bathroom, only to get the same message. On the third bathroom we tried the voice said "Now I'm watching you. I'm in the trees outside your cabin." We ran outside to one of the trees, and found the missing walkie-talkie hanging from the highest branch.

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