God the Ghostbuster

by Anna

Before I get started can I just firmly establish the fact that my entire family are extreme Christians. We all firmly believe that Jesus is our one true savior alone. So here is my story...

So about 3 maybe 4 years ago when I was like ten, my family and I were staying at this weird hotel for our family reunion. And one night before bed my Mom and Dad start asking me why I was screaming sooo loud for something to get away. I said I didn't know mostly because I had no recognition that I had been screaming.

About 2 months later I was in bed and, this was when my brother and I were sleeping in the same room, my brother had been at one of his friends parties. So I am alone and I hear this crash. I wake up covered in sweat screaming for something to get away from me. I have no idea what though. So I am sitting there freaked out and I look over at my window and it looks like there is a child standing in my window. Well, I flip out and get under my covers and start crying like I have never cried before. So I pray for God to make it all better and protect me.

Everything just stopped.

I am suddenly completely comfortable and unafraid. I look at my window and there is nothing there. And I can still feel it to this day, I was covered in a joyful warmth like I have never known. I was so happy. And in my mouth ther suddenly came this amazing, wonderful, sweet joyful flavor like I have never known before. And on my back, it felt like gentle, warm, loving hands were rubbing me; better yet giving me a massage. In my ears I could hear, no I could feel, a beautiful comforting song. And most wonderful of all I could hear a beautiful, deep, comforting, loving, smooth, powerful, gentle, voice that was so wonderful that I cant describe its beauty. I can only say that it was the beautiful voice of God.

Every time I think of the voice I start erupting in laughter and joy and singing. Oh it was wonderful. I woke up so rested that it felt like I had never slept as well as I had then.

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