Grandpa or What?

by Becca
(Sandy, Utah, USA)

Well I have always seen things ever since I was very, very little but mostly in my dreams. They were odd dreams that still bother me today. I mean isn't a little girl supposed to have dreams of princesses, but no I had dreams of man eating monsters and evil spirits ripping out my heart and eating my family. Later on in life I had been about to fall asleep and my hand was hanging over the couch when I felt someone holding my hand. At first I didn't take notice of it until it started to slowly put me off the couch. Finally I snapped to my senses and ripped my hand up. When I looked down (after some screaming) and saw nothing my mama says it was my grandpa playing tricks on us. He has been doing that for quite some time - hitting his pictures off our dressers and my mama even saw him but I'm not convinced. I believe she saw him but I don't think what was holding my hand was my grandpa. If it had been him he would have kissed my cheek right before bed like he used to do not try to pull me off the couch.

When i was little all my dreams ended the same way with me looking down at myself sleeping and then waking up seconds later to see myself in the same pose as what I saw in my dream, but those dreams stopped long, long ago.

My scariest dream would have to be where I was in an all dark room and I saw a little girl crying in the corner. I went up to her and asked "Whats wrong?" when she whispered "Go away you don't belong here. You shouldn't be here. He will hurt you. He will hurt all of us." I didn't hear her too well so I asked again more loudly "Whats wrong?" when she screamed. Turning to face me she looked like she had be drowned with pale skin and black veins with jet black hair. She wasn't wearing anything but a swimsuit. She yelled in a dark voice "Go away! Leave me alone!" She repeated that many times before she dropped dead. I saw a mist and the room got a little lighter so I could see it was an old beach house. The dark mist moved closer to me and I could hear a small whisper. I knew this thing was evil so I screamed. That's when I woke up to see i had been screaming in my sleep. My mom was standing over me with a funny look on her face.

I have dreams all the time. My mom tells me I scream and ask for help a lot in my sleep but I can't recall any of them. I still have feelings today were I can't fall asleep or I hear things sometimes. I hear a whisper when I'm sitting in bed "Beeeccccccaaa" that always keeps me awake for a couple more hours! I hope someone can help me with this. Maybe someone could give me some advice of how to keep this thing away.

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