by Christopher Elder
(Adamsville Tennessee USA)

Well, Orthros was a loyal dog! I think he might've even been too loyal! One night, while Twerbiji, his master, was sleeping Orthros went out to seek Hercules. He followed a trail of golden mints to get to The Tree of Alkamere. Soon, he come upon Cerberus. They battled fiercely. Slash! Snarl! Hercules had tricked Orthros so he`d run into Cerberus so they`d battle. Hercules wanted Orthros`s head, or is it heads!? Cerberus wanted to kill, but Orthros wanted to complete his mission. Guess who won. Orthros! Hercules was so mad, he banished Cerberus to the Underworld, so Hades could do something with him. That`s what Cerberus`s job is today. Orthros lived 10,000 more years. Cerberus wanted revenge. He sent out Vampires to destroy him. Orthros defeated them! One day, Orthros went for a swim. He was going to Mt. Olympus. The Loch Ness Monster was going on a swim-walk. Soon, they were 100ft. from each other. They konked so hard, Orthros`s head split open. It`s okay though, that`s how the deer and snake was born!

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