Green Goblin?

by Thara

Okay so just recently I found a friend who said his little sister is seeing this creature around their house. She said it's a dark green color with spikes down its back and a little around its neck. It has a hollowed out eyehole and blood comes out of its eyes, nose holes, and its mouth when it talks! She also said that sometimes it walks on two feet but most of the time it is doing a backwards front arm thing while it's on all fours. She also mentioned that sometimes when its on all fours its head is upside down.

It seems to really like her brother though. She says it makes faces at her when she gets to close to him and it tries to grab his hand sometimes, too. Also when it stands on only the two legs its legs bend kind of like a goat's do. But what made me so curious as to what it is, is that it keeps asking for help and it isn't harming anybody. I told them not to get involved with it until I figured out what it was and what its capable of. Because they say it isn't able to leave their house.

So if it is a bad spirit but can't leave the house then it cant harm ME for helping them out unless I'm at their house, right? Anyway I NEED to know what this thing is. I need to know what it is, what it can do, if it's bad, you get the point.

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