Grey Slaves

by Vagelis
(Athens, Greece)

A Grey Slave in its spirit form.

A Grey Slave in its spirit form.

Well, this happened when I was five. I was on vacation at my village in Sparta (ok, I know that I'm the first Greek person to ever write in this web page. In fact, I haven't noticed any other Greek in here so I suppose I'm the only one. It was December 25, 1999 and I was inside my grandpa's house helping my grandma to cook some biscuits for all of us.

A few minutes later, she asked me if I could carry one of these biscuits outside of the house and throw it on the roof. Concerned as I was, I was seeking a logical explanation for this. She gladly told me that this action would fend off the evil goblins that walk the earth during Christmas. The goblins would take the biscuit and they would go away, leaving the people alone. So I listened to her and I went outside to throw the biscuit on the roof.

When I did so, I began to walk back into the house when I suddenly heard footsteps on the roof like someone was running or jumping. That was really strange because no one got out to see what was happening because no one had actually heard anything. For some reason, I was the only one hearing the noise of the footsteps. I turned my head towards the roof and I saw a black and pale figure standing up there looking straight at me.

I didn't see its face but I definitely saw that it had an elongated skull and legs like that of a goat, but the only thing that will never, ever convince my mind to forget is its malevolent glare. It had two big green eyes that shined in the dark of that terrible night. I still remember it like it was just yesterday. I will never forget those eyes no matter what I'll do.

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