Guardian In Disguise

All my life I've been a skeptic, I never believed in anything supernatural. That is, until I met my Guardian in Disguise. If you're a skeptic like I once was, let me tell firsthand that the world is not at all what it seems. This story is 1000% true and it all started in mid December, 2013.

I have a dog named Tundra and I usually walk him near this isolated creek in the forest that surrounds my house. It was like any other day, Tundra & I were making our rounds near the creek when he tenses up. I was shocked because Tundra is never one to cower and whine. His gaze was locked on something across the creek. I didn't think much of it and urged him to walk when he let out a shrill yelp and bolted on ahead, taking his leash with him.

Suddenly, I heard a loud splash from the opposite side of the creek and saw a gigantic grizzly male charging towards me. At that time I wasn't in my right mind frame. Living in Alaska for 6 years, I knew better than to run but my instincts got the best of me. I don't remember how long I've ran. I ran until I used up every ounce of strength left in me. Heaving, I turned around and realized the bear wasn't after me. But now, I was lost.

Instead of running along the creek I ran towards the forest. Tundra and I never ventured this far and this part of the forest was unfamiliar. I remember, sitting under a pine tree out of breath and hopeless when something extremely large, bigger than that bear came out of the tree line. Till this day I still remember it, it's immense body, silver coat, and gleaming amber eyes. It was a wolf, but larger than any wolf to have ever been recorded in history! There it stood, almost frozen. But somehow, I was not afraid. After what seemed like forever, it started to come towards me. I couldn't have ran, even if I wanted to. I sat there shivering in the cold while this creature floated effortlessly over the snow. I thought it was approaching me but instead, it walked right past me. I shifted around to watch it leave when it turned its head around and stared into my eyes. Feeling this unknown strength, I rose to my feet and began to follow it.

The sun was setting fast but it seemed to glow. Before I knew it, I was walking alongside the creek and a while later, I showed up at my house. Tundra was pacing by the front door whining. The wolf turned around seeming as if it had completed it's job.

In the months to come, I thought of every single possible explanation to what had occurred that day. I was stumped and I still am till this day. But my question is... what was that creature and why did it seem to lead me back to my house?

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