by Seth

He waited, staring in the deep darkness alongside his brother, Cerberus. Their red eyes shone like headlights as they tried to find their friend, their savior, their master, king of the Underworld, Hades. They were in a small valley named Thebes, where Orthros was competing for the position of Guard Dog of the Underworld alongside his brother, Cerberus. They were ordered to fight monsters and prove who will make the greatest guard dog. This night, however, their luck failed, and they were soon ambushed and surrounded by three Cyclops demanding their food.

Orthros leaped onto a Cyclops' face, distracting it long enough for Cerberus to escape. Orthros wasn't so lucky. They Cyclops pelted him with clubs and stabbed him with sticks, hoping for him to die. Orthros closed his eyes, preparing for death, when the Cyclops' one eye froze in terror and they fell down dead. Behind them, stood Hades, his fingers snapping. One by one, the Cyclops crumbled and died, leaving behind nothing but dust. One Cyclops tried to run, but was ripped to shreds by Cerberus.

"Poor Orthros." Hades said, petting Cerberus with one hand, "You suffered greatly, but I am here to protect you. The guardian of the Underworld grows weak and I am here to recruit one of you for that position. Come, join me."

In a flash of darkness, Orthros was healed, resting near the River Styx alongside his brother. They scanned the Underworld before coming upon a throne with their master, Hades, studying the both of them. "I have decided who will be the successor of my loyal pet. Cerberus, you fought long and hard, it is you that shall make a loyal guard dog for the Underworld." Orthros was shocked, but happy nonetheless. He turned, ready to depart back to Thebes when Hades stopped him.

"Where are you going Orthros?" Hades asked, "Cerberus is the guardian of the Underworld, but you shall be my personal guardian. You possessed traits far greater than any man. Come friend."

Orthros turned and ran into Hades' lap, his two tongues licking Hades' face in peer happiness.

The End!

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