Guardians and Monsters

by T.J.

All of my life I have had tiny snippets, almost 2 second slide shows, of dreams that have become reality... some almost a decade later. I have become accustomed to this. It wasn't until I was 19 that I learned that I could also see/interact with others. My first experience is still the scariest.

I was sleeping in my bedroom, a long week of studying for finals in my freshman year behind me. I woke up, the thought "He is going to touch me! OMG, he is going to hurt me!" screaming through my mind. I was groggy and confused. I looked towards my door, seeing only the barest of outlines - a rather large male. I thought I was just having a nightmare. I closed my eyes, trying to convince myself it was nothing more than my overactive imagination. My eyes popped open just as this face of an older man, late forties, came close, his features contorted into a snarl. The outside of my right thigh, I was lying on my left side, began to spasm as intense pain speared through me. I passed out from the pain.

I woke the next morning to find a huge bruise in the form of a handprint on the outside of my right thigh. It took more than a month to heal.

The next night I was terrified to sleep, was sitting up in my bed, reading. I heard footsteps just outside my window. I got out of bed, looked out the window thinking that perhaps a deer was walking through our yard, after all, we did live in a heavily wooded area. I saw nothing. The steps would start up and retreat. I am not sure at what point I fell asleep. During my dream, I saw a young Native American male in WWII style BDUs. In my dream, he told me his name was James, that he was my self appointed guardian. He also told me to call upon him for protection, and to do it quickly. I woke up... mumbling and begging for his help.

Since that original contact, I have called on James many times, and have found that he does help me when needed, answers my question in typical spirit fashion but is always correct. I have also been free of pain from the spirits that have tried to barge in and harm myself and my family.

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