Hand Prints

When I was twelve years old I lived in a very small two bedroom apartment with my mother in Corpus Christi, Texas. School had just let out for the summer so she had allowed me to have a small slumber party with my closest friends.

That night went as many slumber parties with young girls did: pizza, talk of boys, and scary stories. I was deathly afraid of Lachusa and La Llaorna, so I attempted to scare my friends with the stories of these horrific creatures, then we heard a blood curdling whistle, just like Lachusa is said to make when it is coming for someone. We all heard it, color drained from our faces and we ran away from the sliding glass door as fast as we could. Standing in the dining room we watched the door, peering through the space in between the blinds, we saw the brightest light I've ever seen in my life "run" across the ground outside.

Absolutely terrified we went and all slept in my mother's room. The next morning we went out to the living room, drew back the blinds and all over the door were these absolutely strange three fingered hand prints, my blood ran cold. The girls and I tried to remake these odd hand prints by putting our hands and fingers in weird positions on the door and failed. I don't know what it was that came to my door that night but to this day I am afraid of it.

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