Happenings at Dinner

I was sitting at the kitchen bench one night eating dinner with my father and sister. My brother and my mother were both out. There was nobody else in the house apart from us three.

I could see them very clearly and they could see me with perfect precision. None of us moved from the bench. We were exchanging friendly conversation, as any family would do at dinner. I slurped some soup and then let the spoon rest in my bowl for a moment before picking it up again, but it was stuck fast, as if with superglue. I couldn't pry it off the bowl.

Neither could my father or sister. They both seemed extremely disturbed by this strange occurrence. My father held the bowl as I tried to pull the spoon out of it, and suddenly it detached from the bowl with no warning whatsoever.

We all looked to check the time to see when my mother and brother would be back, and as we did so the clock slipped at least ten centimeters off its peg on the wall before hanging itself on the peg again.

I haven't been able to find a reasonable cause for these events.

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