Haunted Baby

by Sky
(Rocky River, California)

This is TRUE! I know there are a lot of scary storied about babies out there but this is real. So when I was younger (6 or 7) I got a talking baby for Christmas. I was so excited! The baby had a switch on her that you had to deliberately flip on and off.

One night, I put my baby to bed on a small toy bed. I went downstairs and said goodnight to my mom and dad. At that time my mom was holding my cat. I raced up stairs then shut and locked my bedroom door. I did that to keep the cat out of my room. I double checked that my doll was off then got in bed. So I went to bed and in the middle of the night I heard a thump, then my baby said "Heellllloooo mommy!!"

I saw a dark shape run across my room so I turned on the light and saw my doll laying next to me, eyes wide open. "Hiiiiiii Moooommmyyyy"! it said. I flipped it over to turn it off, only to find it already was.

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