Haunted House?

by Ed

Well to start this story is mainly accounts from my mother and grandparents as I was really young and only lived in that house for maybe a year.

The only thing I remember is that I got a bad feeling and got very scared being on the second floor of the house alone. It seemed like the house was darker up there. Anyway my mom had told me that when she was 16 or so, before I was born, she used to do home studies as she didn't really want to go to school and had been kicked out of 3. She was doing homework and she heard my uncle, her brother, come into the house and go up to his room with his friends. She said they started to be really loud and obnoxious an she yelled up at them to be quiet many times.

When they didn't listen she went up there to tell them personally but there was no one in the room, so she thought they must have climbed up on the roof of the house. But when she looked there was no one there either.

My grandparents story was a lot scarier in my opinion. One night my grandma awoke suddenly and saw a demon standing at the edge of her bed. As he reached for her she reached for the Bible on her nightstand and prayed and prayed. She tried to wake my grandpa but he stayed asleep.

Eventually my grandma opened her eyes and the demon was gone. It has been about 16 years since my grandparents have been out of that house but recently as I was coming home from school I was taking the bus to the light rail station and the bus passed by that house and when I saw it I shuddered and had an unsettling feeling: I don't know why.

Well that's it. I don't expect to be near that place anytime soon.

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