Haunted Mall

So, I was 13 when this happened. It was the summer before I started High School. Me and my friend, Sol, hung out with some friends at the mall. When they all got picked up it was just me and Sol. It was a couple minutes before 9pm (closing time) so we decided to go to a few more stores before my mom picked us up.

We ran to Claire's first and then to HotTopic. On our way to HotTopic, my friend dropped coins from her pockets, or so I thought we dropped them. But anyway, when the coins fell, one of the pennies caught my attention. The penny had an "X" on it with a red marker on "heads". Sol told me to leave the coins behind so I did and we ran! When we were going down the stairs, she dropped coins again! She thought it was funny, I thought it was weird seeing another penny with an "X" also on the heads side. She did not see the 2 pennies that she dropped going to HotTopic because I didn't tell her.

I didn't think it was important till we got to Hot Topic. I walked in there first and looked at hair dye and right in front of it. A penny, just like the other 2. My heart stopped. So many negative thoughts came to mind! But no one was following us! We were running. No one else was running. How would someone know where we were gonna look?

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