Haunted School

by Dezza
(Australia, Victoria)

When I was a lot younger I went to a school that was said to be haunted. I found out (and my school mates) that it was! Being an area school it was out in the middle of farmland. Sometimes we had sleep overs at the school. During one of these sleep overs the ghosts had some fun.

We had year 8 to 10 students which consisted of 31 students and 6 teachers to keep the peace and make sure we didn't burn down the school. At 8pm our newest teacher (he started that year) went to lock up the primary school rooms. Every time he locked a room he felt someone grab his shoulders and give him a gentle shake. He came back to the Home Economics room white and shaking. Our Vice Principal had the same experience another time.
As I said we were in the Home Ec. room since it was the largest and had enough space for us all to lay out a sleeping bag or swag for the night.

It was 10pm and the teachers called it a night so everyone got ready to go to bed. Suddenly one of the girls screamed, a bright globe of light was floating outside the windows. Someone grabbed the schools video camera but it would not function. The globe passed through the glass, walls and chased a few kids. Then after 10 terrifying minutes it floated away.

Well the teachers were on high alert and searched the school but nothing was found to be wrong. We went to sleep and all seemed fine til morning. I woke up on the teachers desk at the front of the grade 4 classroom! One of my mates woke up in the girls toilets. Even the teachers found themselves in different parts of the school.

Well we all had some stories to tell but no one believed us and the teachers kept it quiet, disappointing! As a footnote the ghost was supposed to be of a Chinese person whose grave was under the principals office, he died on his way to the gold fields in Australia.

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