Haunting on Elmhurst

by T.

A few friends of mine moved into a simple ranch style house with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a large living/ dining area. At the beginning the room in the back of the house just had an uneasy feeling, just a feeling of tension. Well this would soon change fast.

After a few weeks of living there we obviously got to know the house well, including the attic which had MANY possessions of the previous owner. Among which where a voodoo board (different from Ouija board) and a voodoo doll. This is when things got MUCH worse.

During one day just relaxing at home, I saw an extremely large shadow move from the 'uneasy backroom' into the hallway. It was startling, but not terrifying. What did freak me out is that when my roommate returned home he said 'oh you saw that too?!' That is when we both started having terrible nightmares, most of which included a lot of very bad things happening to family members, and I remember one especially where I was in the back yard of the house and an incredible malevolent creature pointed in a direction, where a baby sat crying, and though I could not see it I knew it was my newborn niece. When my niece turned my way she had no face. To this day that dream disturbs the shit out of me.

Other dreams include night paralysis where a voice would tell me to die over and over, my roommates included the same and on several occasions his fiance would have to wake him because he would be convulsing in his sleep.

At that point the feeling you would get in this house was constant dread, hate for the house and just a general feeling of hate. Our one friend woke one night and had a look of pure evil which I have never, nor since have ever seen him have, or any person for that matter. It continued, and besides the shadow the only other sighting was my roommate thinking he saw his fiance in the living room, trying to sneak up on him only upon confronting 'her' found her to be in the bathroom across the house.

The dread continued until I moved out. When they had their first kid, and of course then he got the house blessed, removed ALL items of the previous owner, and we have all been totally fine. But I will never forget those times, but I am still glad I got to experience true paranormal happenings.

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