Have the Vampires Found Me???

by Betty
(London, England )

A week ago, I did the vampire chant poem outside at midnight. I said only the Latin inscription twice. The following night, I saw a black shadow running down the street, it was a blur though.

About 9pm the next night, I saw a female face in the clouds. There was no one around, then I saw the cloud point down. There was someone there! I looked up the face in the clouds disappeared, I looked down and the person disappeared. I went inside and went up to my bedroom. I saw a black cat running out (this is weird because I have a dog) and when I turned to look for it, the cat was gone. I've seen the cat twice so far, not sure what this means though.

Two days later, late evening, I heard something upstairs - like a bird flying around. I went up to inspect. It looked kinda like a bat but I didn't think that possible. It's rare you see a bat where I live. I managed to hit it and it fell straight on the floor. I picked it up and it squeaked at me. The crazy thing was is that it was a vampire bat! You can't see a vampire bat in England, they are native to South America! The bat flew out my hand and went through the window. I was left puzzled I shut the window and went back downstairs.

The date is now Sunday, August 19th 2012 I haven't seen anything strange since the bat. Please comment do you think the vampires have found me??

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