by Sarah

I just want to state that this is not some lame ghost story people normally tell at slumber parties and campfires when they want to scare their friends into peeing themselves. If it was, I wouldn’t be here in this situation.

You see, my aunt has been working in this retirement home for, well, old people. I’m 15 now and I heard it from my Grandmother, but it seriously freaked me out. You see my aunt works for two different ones in Michigan, one in Otsego and one in Plainwell. My aunt was in the one in Plainwell, and there were only a few people there, like three or four, so she had a lot of down time on her hands.

One day she was walking down a hall when suddenly she saw a figure in the corner of her eye, then turned and saw nothing. Why wouldn’t that freak you out a little? And, yeah, that was almost too stereotypical ghost to be true, but it was.

Anyway, even though she just saw it for a second, she remembered the image vividly. It was an older woman, short, wearing a pink dress and curlers in her hair. My aunt, of course, was a little freaked out.

She told her friend, another worker there, about what she saw and her friend’s jaw dropped. Without another word, she showed my aunt the records they had of the residents in the basement of the old building, and when she opened one my aunt was shocked to see the woman there or a picture in that case.

It turned out the woman she saw died not but a few years earlier, and her friend was friends with her. But what surprised her friend was that my aunt said the woman was standing in the hall, because she said the woman in the picture was bed ridden. Her friend smiled, and took it as in it was the woman’s way of saying that she was happy, because now she could walk. Her name was Hazel.

I know there are skeptics out there and this may not count as a “scary story”, but you have got to admit, it makes you think about how your life can change like that and your mortality. And that is why I just had to share my aunt and Hazel’s story. Thank you.

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