Help Us!

by Snow

It's currently 3:03 pm 12/28/2011

I read the spell to request a vampire be sent to me to bite me around 11:30 am. About an hour later I began to shiver uncontrollably, but my skin is burning.

I have no taste for food, and the smell makes me sick. Any sounds seem to buzz in my ear. Everything seems bright, to bright. I've been with my friend the whole day and all of yesterday, including last night. We have eaten the same things, been doing the same things we do everyday and you may think that something happened or didn't agree with me that didn't affect my friend, but what ever makes me sick, makes him sick, and he feels fine.

If anything, he thinks it's hot in the house and it is 90 here. He says that the sun hasn't changed, and if anything, it has gotten dimmer, but it seems everything has gotten brighter to me.

The only thing I can think of that happened that was different was me reading the request aloud today and that a week ago me and my friend read a spell that said to make you a vampire (it was just a "we are bored, lets see if it works" kind of thing). Also, everything written in English seems very odd looking, and dragon script seems easier to read to me.

I don't know what is happening and it's worrying me and my friend. Please, someone answer ASAP and tell me what is happening! I beg of you, help us.

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