Helpful Ghost or Tricky Demon?

by Hex

YEAR: 2012
SEASON: Summer
MONTH: April
DATE:2nd week
LOCATION DETAILS: A back alley between railway and cemetary (I know it sounds cliched but it is between the two), shaded by trees, bit muddy, not the safest place, home to the school bullies
TIME: 3:00ish
PEOPLE INVOLVED: Me, Josh and Jack (twins who bully me), Josh and Jack's gang members (Kyle, Morgan, George and Hamish)


I was walking home from school. I've always walked through the back alley and that day I was walking down it from school, when I felt like I was being followed. Now, your gonna think this is were the supernatural bit comes in, but you're wrong. Turns out a few feet behind me are the school bullies.

Well, I stop, I know what they want. To beat me up, they don't care I'm a girl and there supposed to be tougher than me (they're not anymore, I've taken up boxing, though I doubt I'll need it). So they catch up with me, and the leader Josh, tells me to hand over whatever money I have or get beat up if I don't cough up. Now, I have about 50p and that's it in my pocket so I say "Go away, leave me alone, get a life, I've only got about 50p!", but they say "every little helps". So, when I refuse to hand them my 46p (I counted it later) Josh's twin Jack comes forward and prepares to punch me.

He draws back his fist and then before I know it it's whizzing towards my face and I close my eyes. I prepare for the impact but it doesn't come. I open me eyes and see that Jack's fist is just stopped in mid air. I can see him trying to push it forward, continue the swing, his face contorted with effort. Suddenly, Jack doubles up and groans as he falls to the floor.

I can see what stopped him now. It's a ghost like figure of a boy, about my age, with scruffy hair and big eyes. He's a bit scrawny but what surprises me is that he's in such modern clothes. When I think of ghosts I think of old Victorian people or something, not a boy wearing a hoody and jeans and trainers. It weirded me out.

This boy grinned at me. HE GRINNED AT ME. I was totally freaked then, as grateful as I was for him helping me, I was still freaked. Anyway, I realized the bullies were distracted by Jack groaning on the floor. I took the chance and legged it, and to my amazement I saw the boy legging it too, right next to me.

I keep seeing this boy, once even in my room! I don't mind cause I reckon he's good, but he might not be. Do demons try to trick people by gaining their trust? Please leave your comments and suggestions, because I am just so curious to find out what sort of being he is.

(NOTE: I know the layout of this is like that of the true story on here entitled "Stalked", and this is because I copied the layout.)

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