Hera's Secret.

by Shelynn Taneal
(Regina, SK, Canada)

The creature in question, commonly known as the "unicorn" is known as a, usually, white horse with a majestic horn upon its forehead. They were never seen for Hera (Greek mythology), wife of Zeus, was very jealous. About most things. And she felt that the unicorn was her own. She'd killed any man who had seen it much before he had a chance to tell anyone the tale of the beautiful creature.

The unicorn, being one for the yearning of loads of respect and a hunger for knowledge and wise outlook, had escaped from Hera's secret garden, hidden in India. And was seen every now and then by passers' by, giving reasons for the drawings of the simpler society's.

The unicorn had continued to do this without Hera's knowing for months and she had eventually found out. Naturally, she was angry. The unicorn was "hers." So she created gates and other means as to which the unicorn could not get out of the garden.

Quickly the unicorn, who's name is still unknown, had gotten bored and the beautiful mane of purples, whites, and blues had dissipated to dead grays and blacks and the creature had grown sad, and depressed.

Hera, knowing the error in her ways, had created a friend for the unicorn, one with knowledge beyond her years and a way to continue getting more knowledge, without ever leaving the garden.

The unicorn slowly grew to enjoy the gorgeous young girl, about 18, and her continuous knowledge of things, and he'd fallen in love with the virginal maiden.

Hera had instantly cast the girl out of the garden, sending her to live in the Temple of Apollo, and of course, with her wondrous looks, Apollo agreed. And because she was a virgin, many rumors had spread, saying that you can only see a unicorn if you are a virginal, pure-hearted, woman. Not to mention you had to have good looks, but what's new there?

No one is sure about the unicorn anymore, Hera has done better at keeping him a secret now, unless he's dead, but the girl is now dead.

Apollo had taken her for a ride in his chariot to the sun, and the poor girl had burned to death because in her beauty, he had forgotten that she was human, and not immune to the deadly rays of the fiery hot sun.

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