Herobrine Is Real

by brian
(United States)

Alright from the title you might guess this is about the popular indie game 'MineCraft'...well it is but late last night when I was playing I saw a figure in the distance, I was on multiplayer but nobody was on at the moment so I took a screenshot and disconnected to look at it.

I almost screamed in happiness/fear when I saw HIM there, so like the gamer I was I posted it on a webpage. It was deleted the next day. At that point I was scared because I read the pasta but I shrugged it off as a trolling admin or something, so I went off the computer and went to listing to some dub step and watch YouTube. That's when I saw HIM in the forest outside my house...I stared into his eyes before running for my camera, but he vanished...so I just went back to doing stuff when I heard a knock on the door, that's when I saw HIM waiting outside (with a knife/sword). I was frozen with fear before he broke open through the door, stabbing me, that's when the cops came and got me to a hospital, that's where I'm writing this know. So heed my warning, He. Is. Always. Watching....

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